Albert Nobbs Drawings

I live! It lives, the social media! Or at least I am reviving mine right now. It was quiet, very quiet, if not too quiet.

I deleted all my old blog entries and starting over here. I’ll try to post more often than I used to.
“Didn’t she intend to try that a couple of times already?” – yepp. And I have a plan to make it work now. I’ll just write about whatever I want, not about what I think I am expected to write about.

Recently I read about the deadness of blogs. Who still reads blogs? Maybe nobody. And surely not a lot of text. Well, how good that I usually have colorful (mostly at least) pictures.

I’ll begin with something I started in December. Something that was just for warming up and fun.
One of the movies that I watched with my beloved was Albert Nobbs. I’ve been wanting to watch that one since a while. Now I finally did and really liked it a lot.
But poor Mister Nobbs… sigh.