The Interior Design for my Comic

As promised today I am gonna talk about the interior for my comic. Which I built a 3D model for, like I did for the outside of spaceship that I showed to you in my last entry.
Above you can see how I used it for the comic. It’s still all drawn but yes – it is traced over the model. Which is coming in really handy.

Why it’s so good to have a 3D model

To me it’s worth building models of hard-surface things, especially when they are complex. This guarantees me to have the perspective on point, objects where they belong (always in the same spot from every possible viewpoint) and it makes the drawing process faster. Even though this model took me quite a while to finish too. If I ever need this for another project again, I won’t have to worry about it anymore. I could even fill one of the empty rooms with something else for another purpose. For example someone’s office or a bedroom for the crew. Convinient, isn’t it? This is especially useful when you’re drawing a comic.

I am by no means an expert in doing 3D models. I do have some skills with it but I am still learning. I want to become much better at it to be able to make a model of anything!

Some views from inside the ship

The last image shows the view into a storage room in which most of the story is taking place. I did not model the objects in it myself, except one which I can not show you because it’s a (mild) spoiler.

Just as last time I uploaded this model to Sketchfab which is also where I took those screenshots. I’ll embed the model below to end this entry. Feel free to rotate the model and have a look around!

The Spaceship Design for my Comic

So I finally started working on one of the comic projects. Starting with the short story one which is going to take place in the world of Skymir (which is my personal project). That means it is SciFi and also Fantasy.

As I mentioned in this post about the story’s main characters and their designs I did 3D models that are supposed to make the drawing part easier later. To be exact I did two models and to be even more exact, this is not a spaceship, or at least not used as such. It is an airship. I’ll tell you about the other model in a bit.

Now to the “spaceship” or airship model. It is low poly and supposed to serve merely as a base sketch. So here is not all too much detail or anything but it is good enough to work with.

A screenshot that I took on Sketchfab
Another screenshot.

I put the wireframe (those funny blue lines) on so that it’ll make it easier for me to spot where windows, panels and such go exactly. Below I embedded the model directly from Sketchfab so you can see it live and rotate it to your liking 😀

And this is what I made of it. It’s an actual panel from the comic. The comic itself is going to be in greyscale. In my last comic I relied on colors a lot, even though they were still a little monochromatic. I wanted to help the publisher save costs for some goodies that theyy were planning. I take it as an opportunity to try something different with those limitations. As you may guess I am aiming for something high in contrast.

The other 3D model I made is the inside of the ship that most of the story takes place in. It is more detailled and complex than this one, so I’ll safe that for another entry.
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