Taking it slow (art timelapse)

Making Of / 11 January 2022

...for now. Well, I want to become a Zen master after all. I am going to try to take my time with the art that I'm doing, when there's no deadline- I don't need to pressure myself to be fast just for the sake of it, right? Sometimes it's hard, though. I don't know why. And I bet I am not the only one.

Anyways, I am also trying to do more recordings of my drawing process. In Procreate on the iPad I like that I have to check video recording just once and then it will automatically remember to record my drawing. Because I am forgetful and don't always think of actively clicking "record". Not in time, that is. Sometimes I do remember when I am already half way done 😛 The finished illustration is already up in my portfolio.