Doing the Pinterest thing

General / 02 February 2021

The Pinterest... I recently made a new account, basically because my old one was super messy and I wanted to make a clear cut and start over, but better and more organized. I had this specially horribly chaotic pinboard called "inspiration" and there was just everything in it 😆

Well, so I have that new account, but I'm not new to Pinterest. I love collecting stuff on there, even though it also has its dangers of getting lost forever.

The thing is though, I have always used it just for myself. Recently I got the advice to use it for self promotion, supposedly its awesome for that. So I decided to give it a try. I am not entirely sure how things work in terms of marketing on Pinterest. I did do some research and I know a little about social media things and SEO that I taught myself (with the help of tons of articles and videos online).

Anyway, I created exactly one board for my own art now. I'll do more for the different types of art that I do, but the first Pinterest Board I made for this purpose is of my art diary.
So feel free to check that out and my other boards as well, there might be stuff you like 🙂
And if you have knowledge to share or your own account, go ahead and leave me a comment!