Uuuuh, pastels!

Making Of / 01 June 2022

So, lately I am doing some art experiments (yet) again 🧐 This particular piece (see below) was quite fun and what I liked most about it was the approach of the underpainting/sketch in pastel tones. Somehow this made me pick (to me) interesting and vivid colours and well - as usual - I have also been enjoying square brushes. More precisely my favourite one is a rectangle.
Now in retrospect I am also thinking about the use of lines. This one didn´t start with try-hard precise outlines that I would fill but instead I added some lines on top in the painting process. I kind of like how that tuned out. Maybe I should try that more often... Lines are fun too, though. The experiments never end, I guess!
I also guess I just like trying different things way too much 😜
Anybody who reads this, I´d be delighted to hear about your own art process and if you like experimenting too or if you are rather settled on a certain kind of style or approach. Feel free to let me know in the comments 💬