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Little starship in 3D

General / 28 October 2021

I'm still practicing with Blender, trying to improve my 3D modelling skills! And what a good opportunity! I'm just doing some stuff for my comic, hah! That way I can alway use and re-use it in any panel. And since it's a SciFi story: of course there are going to be spaceships!

This one? I really didn't have a plan for it, I didn't do a sketch or a concept for this one, this just came out as I was playing around in Blender. The only thing I had in mind was that Hilda - one of the protagonists - probably loves spaceships too and maybe she likes to race around in them and then she'll eventually need a new one sooner or later. So why not make her an option, right? I quite like it, actually. Except, I should have chosen a better resolution for the texture painting. 

Oh well, next time I'll know better! Pew pew!