Personal Project #7 - Final Character Design Of Yngvi

Making Of / 20 November 2020

She has a final form too. But wait... I think the unfinished form never made it online. 

Actually though, there wasn't that much process prior to this character illustration. Mainly because I had already settled on the basic faction colors and outfits and did almost all the experimenting on Hilda.
Although originally I had planned to give Yngvild the coat and then in the process descided against it. You can see the coat-version on the concept sheet I uploaded into my portfolio. 

Yngvild is higher rank than Hilda, she's the commander and I chose presenting her in her formal outfit because I think it supports her personality well and shows that hierarchy better.

Now I'm really excited to move on with the project! There are tons of things I want to do regarding the world building but I also really want to finally start with some comic pages! I'll also rename the project, so see "Skymir" as a title-draft.

I've been planning to get the storyboard for Flint & Mortimer (not my story or characters) out of the way within the following two weeks (ideally within one) and will come up with a more structured plan regarding my personal project. I have to sort all of these ideas of what I want to do sorted in order to start and make progress without getting lost in the world building. Yep, there is always that danger. But if you're aware of it you can control it!