Making Photoshop brushes #1

Making Of / 26 January 2021

Just like that... 👇

No, not really like that. But I've started making those brushes and I started by collecting some shapes, structures and patterns. Because I figured that this art journal that I've started - and I wrote a blog entry about my art journal too - is an awesome resource for that. I have continued drawing and exploring almost daily and noticed some stuff that I can perfectly use for a new brush set!
I did make some brushes in the past, mostly re-using brushes I've found online. I'm not gonna go into how exactly they are made, there are plenty of free tutorials about that and this isn't supposed to be a tutorial. It's just about sharing my process 😌
I did make that one aquarelle brushset for Photoshop completely from scratch before though and noticed that some people downloaded it so why not make more? 😀

I'm trying to do something a little more grungy this time. I have so much material, might even make two sets.

With the photos I took from my own work I'm currently making some brush tips and said patterns and textures to apply to them. There are still several left to do. You can see some of the stuff I'm gonna use below 👇



Personal Project #7 - Final Character Design Of Yngvi

Making Of / 20 November 2020

She has a final form too. But wait... I think the unfinished form never made it online. 

Actually though, there wasn't that much process prior to this character illustration. Mainly because I had already settled on the basic faction colors and outfits and did almost all the experimenting on Hilda.
Although originally I had planned to give Yngvild the coat and then in the process descided against it. You can see the coat-version on the concept sheet I uploaded into my portfolio. 

Yngvild is higher rank than Hilda, she's the commander and I chose presenting her in her formal outfit because I think it supports her personality well and shows that hierarchy better.

Now I'm really excited to move on with the project! There are tons of things I want to do regarding the world building but I also really want to finally start with some comic pages! I'll also rename the project, so see "Skymir" as a title-draft.

I've been planning to get the storyboard for Flint & Mortimer (not my story or characters) out of the way within the following two weeks (ideally within one) and will come up with a more structured plan regarding my personal project. I have to sort all of these ideas of what I want to do sorted in order to start and make progress without getting lost in the world building. Yep, there is always that danger. But if you're aware of it you can control it!

Personal Project #6 - Final Character Design Of Hilda

Making Of / 30 October 2020

It's Hilda in her final form! I'm finally done with it and happy. Well, I haven't put that character sheet together yet but that's what follows and then I can move on to that Yngvild design. Because she too could use a makeover and I am looking forward to it so much. Also storyboard-wise I've been productive and overall I was reall "in the flow" this week.
Tomorrow I'll take a break from everything, maybe Sunday too but that's not for sure yet. I'm very tempted to just move on. But on the other hand it's nice to have a full weekend when you can, right?

Anyway, I've done all the sketches you've seen of Hilda so far (#1- #5) in Autodesk Sketchbook and this one started the same way. However I then took it to Photoshop for coloring and all. To be honest that was mainly because I wanted to try some brushes :P
I had so much fun with this one, felt completely in the zone :D

When are you - or what makes you - be "the zone"? Do you notice any pattern?

Personal Project #4 - Even More Character Concept Sketches

Making Of / 05 October 2020

So I worked on my character concepts a little more. I still wasn't satisfied with the look of the outfit, especially the silhouett as it was in my previous post. Also I wasn't entirely convinced of any of the hairstyles. 

That's why I ended up trying the overall version again but this time I added a belt. I think that this works pretty well and I think I am settling with the funny looking hairstyle below. I think it's unique and I like that.

Still, I want to add more details and accessories (of course she has a weapon too) and I could still improve the silhouette by adding some stuff in different areas. Yet, I'll have to simplify the design for the comic later on. But that's fine, as long as it still works and looks cool. Next I'll also play with color a bit.

What accessories would you add to my rebellious souldier?


Personal Project #3 - More Character Concept Sketches

Making Of / 25 September 2020

I continued working on the character concepts for my personal project and it's finally getting somewhere. I am happy. While in my first blog entry from two months ago things were not quite settled yet and in the second entry from one month ago when I had chosen some favourite designs for the characters clothes, in this third entry things are starting to take shape.

The idea is that there are three base outfits that can be tweaked with armor and geared up or personalized to a degree. There's gotta be a two-part outfit with pants and jacket, a one-piece (overall) and another two piece consisting of pants and coat.
After I decided for a direction (set one to five) I'll continue playing around with that set. Maybe adjusting some details, changing some parts and eventually try out some colors.

So I got to the part where I have three base outfits. The one with the jacket, the one with the coat and the one piece version. It was already decided from the start that Yngvild is gonna have the coat, because the coats are reserved the higher ranks like her.
Regarding Hilda I wasn't sure if I was gonna give her the overall or the jacket outfit. But I'm probably gonna go with the jacket and pants.

I also tried some variations with different tops she could wear or even the same jacket but with the sleeves cut off. After all I think that doesn't work too well and decided to have Hilda have other kinds of customizations to her still-intact jacket. Also I am still not sure what she is going to wear underneath it. I am thinking a simple T-Shirt, a shirt with a print on it (would be a bit of a hassle to actually draw every time in the future comics), or maybe a pattern as that would be easier to draw repeatedly, a simple tank top or long sleeves.
For Yngvild I think that a black turtle-neck would look good and matches her personality. With Hilda I can go a little more wild and I should (maybe more). 

A big big question though is which hair style is she gonna rock?


Comic Character Illustration #3

Making Of / 25 August 2020

This is the last part of my Flint and Mortimer character illustration post. I'm done and happy with it and I'll most likely get to do a cover artwork for this project as well, which I am really happy about! There are going to be two comic book versions and one cover for each. 

Today I already updated my portfolio with all the character artworks for Flint and Mortimer (including the final character illustration) and the full video of the drawing process as a timelapse as well. So check it out if you are interested in seeing how I drew those two guys on my iPad.

At this point I am considering to make a YouTube channel where I can post more timelapse videos, anybody have experience to share or requests to make? I'd be happy to hear what others did or like to watch online (within the art field).


Comic Character Illustration #2

Making Of / 21 August 2020

As I promised in my last blog entry today comes part two of the character drawing process video. Again it's a timelapse. In case you haven't read the previous post, this is a character called Flint for a comic project that I am currently working on. It's done on the iPad in Procreate.
I've been quite enjoying this one actually and by now I moved on to the second main character named Mortimer.

I am almost done so I hope that by Monday I can put the third part of the drawing process (adding Mortimer) to the blog as well.
If the pants didn't already give it away: it's a story taking place in the 70's. I am still considering adding some details in the end. I don't know, like flowers on the shirt or some accessoires. So I don't entirely consider this finished yet. 

Comic Character Illustration #1

Making Of / 17 August 2020

Since last week was mostly dedicated to my personal project, this week I'm going back to working on the comic project. I want to try around with the character a bit and since the weapon reference sheet requested "cool pose for cover" I thought I'd give it a try. Even though to my knowledge it's not me who's gonna do the cover. Who is actually??
Also it's been terribly hot (especially for north German standards) lately and working on the big Wacom tablet was not helping. It's getting extra hot that way.
That is pretty much the main reason why I switched to the iPad more often again recently.
So also the character illustration of Flint (one of the protagonists) is going to happen on the iPad in Procreate.
Instead of an image this time I have a little process video. It's only about a minute long and shows the sped up process of me soing a basic sketch.
To be continued with another video (if I don't forget, haha...).

Personal Project #2 - Sketches Of Characters And Their Outfits

Making Of / 15 August 2020

This week I mostly dedicated work to my personal project and kept going with the concept design sketches I started with on Monday.
These outfits are for a military faction in a fictional world which I would put in the SciFi genre but it also has some fantasy elements (like trolls and witches) and I don't intend to make it high SciFi but instead - at least on the visual side - more down to earth.
So I gathered some favourites and made three versions of each. None of them is final anyway, but I'd like to go on with one of these sets.

The idea is that there are three base outfits that can be tweaked with armor and geared up or personalized to a degree. There's gotta be a two-part outfit with pants and jacket, a one-piece (overall) and another two piece consisting of pants and coat.
After I decided for a direction (set one to five) I'll continue playing around with that set. Maybe adjusting some details, changing some parts and eventually try out some colors. 

Feedback is very welcome, I'd like to hear some opinions on this before I keep going. I posted a poll to my Twitter account as well. I do like to consider other people's thoughts and I think it's really cool to have them have influence on the outcome.
I used to do something like that a long time ago with a web comic, where my readers had actual influence on how the story went on by leaving me comments. I'd like to do that again when I reached the point of turning this into a comic series!


Comic Character Concept Sketches

Making Of / 10 August 2020

More character sketches in this blog entry, but another project. While the last ones were for my personal project, this one is for a comic collaboration for a German publisher. For this one I am going a little more cartoony than usual. The style has to match somewhat with what the other artists do and the story is more humorous than what I am used to.
I do have my fun with this, being a little sillier than normally.

This guy is called Jack O'Lantern, I wrote about his turnip-lantern before in this blog entry

Now I am almost done with all the designs for the comic. That means I'm gonna put them into my portfolio soon and then keep going with the storyboard.
Which grumpy grandpa out of these would you have picked?