Personal Project Concept sketches

Making Of / 07 August 2020

Since I was gonna do some changes to my personal project - which I was going to work on more often again -, I'm starting with one of the most important designs.
One of the factions in my story and world that I am building is specially important because it's going to play a major role, not only because the two main characters are part of said faction. It is a well equipped military faction with a fleet of airships. The terrain they are in is mostly tundra and highlands. I'm trying to come up with a cool looking but also functional and customizable outfit for the regular soldier. There are subclasses and specialists too. That is why I want the outfit to be customizable. I want to be able to take the same outfit and still make it different for each role neccessary, according to rank and/or their speciality by adding or removing parts or accessoires. There could be short jackets, coats and overalls but it has to match with one another.

I started doing some sketches this week. To be honest I find overalls really cool and since I'm my own art director here, chances are I'm gonna put an overall on one of the main characters.

I have more design sketches but these are my favourites so far. I'm gonna put them in my portfolio when I gathered enough and made a decision...

Stuff from the comic storyboard

Making Of / 26 June 2020

Hey everyone,

as I announced in the last blog entry I have some turnips for you today.
I'm currently working on a storyboard for a comic, which is part of a series. The story is written by Michael Mikolajczak and there are three other artists working on it, every artist has their own chapter. Mine is Halloween themed which I am really happy about!
So, while I was reading the script and working on the storyboard a turnip with a light inside was mentioned, used instead of the typical pumpkin. It wasn't much described though so I came up with a few ideas and turned it into a lantern. I had quite some fun with it! Maybe I'll draw more of those and I sure want a colored and more finished looking version of it too. Once there is a chosen one I suppose.

Unfortunately I can not reveal too much about this project and show the storyboard or anything at this point. I do take some of my panels out to post them on Instagram though. So since these are already public I might as well share them here too. I gotta say that I got pretty used to draw storyboards which only I am going to see (and it shows). In this case I thought that same approach wouldn't be the best idea if I want anyone but me to understand what's going on. So I put more effort. Below you see panels of my cleanest storyboard so far...

Mummy. I'll propose to make the mummy fat.

I have fun with the creepy theme and lookig forward to make it look especially moody!

Mysteriously there's a peel-less banana at the front door. Who does that?


The Interior Design for my Comic

Making Of / 10 April 2020

As promised today I am gonna talk about the interior for my comic. Which I built a 3D model for, like I did for the outside of spaceship that I showed to you in my last entry.
Above you can see how I used it for the comic. It’s still all drawn but yes – it is traced over the model. Which is coming in really handy. 

Why it’s so good to have a 3D model...

The Spaceship Design for my Comic

Making Of / 06 April 2020

As I mentioned in this post about the story’s main characters and their designs I did 3D models that are supposed to make the drawing part easier later.

See more and what I made of the model on my website.

Working on personal project

Making Of / 09 June 2018

Ah, it's been a while since my last post. But well I don't post that often anyways. Besides my current client work(s), one especially, I am focussing on my personal project. It's called "Skýmir" and is a Sci-Fi story consisting of severeal short stories or episodes. Now I have 4 short stories that I wrote this week and a longer one that rather follows the main story line, whilst the others can also be read seperately. Of course I do the designs and other drawings for it, even though it's no comic this time, but a written story. And only for that I started blogging in German again. So I am actually having two blogs. In case anyone wants to check it out, this is my German Blog.

Below - after the video - you can see see 2 of my main characters and a still life that I did for the most recent short story of Skýmir and lastly a cover I did.