I need a gun

Work In Progress / 01 November 2021

...for the comic. In 3D. Well, no miracle happened and I had to make it myself 😛
I'm currently making some cheat sheets of the characters but for objects I like to use 3D models that I made in Blender. That way I have it easier and faster in the drawing process later on. Even though right now it is time consuming of course. But I'll thank myself later.

So I sketched this out quickly:

And for my standards this was quick too! 

That's the result, I'll still paint it though.

Grand Space Opera: Light Age #3

Work In Progress / 11 December 2020

Here are my next concepts for the Grand Space Opera challenge!
I made an angry meanie and those cute little blob aliens.

Since I told you last time what I was listening to, I'll tell you again. It was more game soundtracks and some of those old bands I was into when I was younger. Fun times.
And by those old bands I mean Japanese rock or Visual Kei! Guess what, I still like it. Makes me a bit sentimental maybe though. That's why I gotta spread love with those happy together blob aliens.
I'm so gonna recycle the unused ideas for my personal project.

Again, for more see my submission progress!


Grand Space Opera: Light Age #2

Work In Progress / 07 December 2020

After water dude and desert chick, I introduce the turnip merchant and the alien dinosaur unicorn. I had lots of fun with both of these! I almost never do creature design, I wonder why, I quite like it :)

While working on these I like listening to the soundtracks of my favourite games.
I'm unsure about how to "finalize" my submission. There is this spooky button that says "finalize submission" and I want to know what happens when I click on it, mainly because I have no idea how submitting my final designs works. But I don't dare to click it.
Anybody enlighten me please?

See my submission progress