Webcomic title, cover and...logo?

News / 09 December 2021

Sooooo... I've been quietly (more or less) working on things. Of course on my webcomic for Webtoons and it took me extra time to figure out how I want it to look throughout the story and which approach is also fun AND maintainable and of course suits the story itself.
On the side I started some logos as well, after I finally settles with a name. Cause my favourite, fun title inventions were already invented before by somebody else. Thanks to my girlfriend for helping me out, otherwise I'd probably still be looking 😜

I played around with the titles a bit and made a temporary (I think...) cover. Just to see how it goes together. What do you think? Any favourites? I need to sleep over this. At least one night.

Ready for my comic?

News / 17 May 2021

Hey everyone who comes to read my blog posts and sorry for the long silence. I've been working on things that I am not yet allowed to share and had little time for my comic project. And especially little to show of it too, because I've been tweaking on the plot.

But finally it's all coming together and I am ready to start drawing!
So far all my comics - including one of my latest short story comic - have been in traditional formats but this time I'm gonna do a little experiment and use Webtoon! Which is meant for phone screens, which makes it different. I also did quite some research on publishing there and feeling ready now!

At this point I'm not gonna say much about the story, but I put together a little teaser page :D