March Of Robots 2020 #2

General / 07 March 2020

Here comes the second set of robots for the March Of Robots challenge. I fell one day behind though. Maybe I can catch up over the weekend, I’ll see. I put more time than planned into the “shock” prompt. But since it is a challenge I wanted to do exactly that – challenge myself -, in that case not just with the robot but also with the lighting.

March Of Robots: Shock

For the following one I wanted to do my friend a favor by doing a “happy” robot, he said not all of my robots can be depressed. Well, technically they can, and they’re not all depressed. But not happy either, that is true. So I made this happy robot for “three”.

March Of Robots: Three

The next one is what I did yesterday, actually day five. The prompt is “island” and I did the next best thing that came to my mind, which was a coconut. When I started drawing it I was already very tired from a day full of work. I am at another 3D model currently and it is at least almost finished now. I just felt like doing nothing but at the same time I didn’t want to fall behind further. So decided to draw the island robot anyway and just tried to make it a little simpler to not spend too much time on it. That might be one reason why the cocobot is making that face, more likely though it is but a representation of myself when I drew this.

One of these days I also want to share the other things I’ve been working on meanwhile, which are the 3D models. Two so far, one being a little more complex. But it will help me tons when I draw that comic, I might even likely re-use them for other projects. I’ll start with the comic next week as soon as possible.

March Of Robots 2020 #1

General / 03 March 2020

This year I’m finally doing it! I wanted to join the March Of Robots challenge since three years already I think but somehow I always managed to miss it.


March Of Robots: Danger!

Comic Character Concept Art

General / 26 February 2020

It's been a while! So currently I am working on comics again. The first that I am tending to at the moment because its deadline comes first is going to be a short story of eight pages.
It took me a while until I was satisfied with the characters. I was also playing around with style a little bit but most of the things went to trash. Today I’ll post here what I have left to show.

For more sketches and stuff please go to

Albert Nobbs Drawings

General / 24 January 2020

I live! It lives, the social media! Or at least I am reviving mine right now. It was quiet, very quiet, if not too quiet.

I deleted all my old blog entries and starting over here. I’ll try to post more often than I used to.
“Didn’t she intend to try that a couple of times already?” – yepp. And I have a plan to make it work now. I’ll just write about whatever I want, not about what I think I am expected to write about.

Recently I read about the deadness of blogs. Who still reads blogs? Maybe nobody. And surely not a lot of text. Well, how good that I usually have colorful (mostly at least) pictures.

I’ll begin with something I started in December. Something that was just for warming up and fun.
One of the movies that I watched with my beloved was Albert Nobbs. I’ve been wanting to watch that one since a while. Now I finally did and really liked it a lot.
But poor Mister Nobbs… sigh.

I'm back!

General / 24 May 2018

Hey there!
So I am back from my vacation in the Netherlands. I had a really good time and also continued doing my daily vlog, if you understand German or if you just want to see the beauty of the Netherlands, you can check it out here.

Above: Very happy me

When I came back I couldn't get myself to start working again for the first two days. I only doodled a bit into my journal. If anyone cares to see...

But today (Thursday) I picked up the work again. One of the character designs that is. Currently I am working on the JAGS (tabletop RPG) Gunslinger character design. I think I am going to keep that for my next blog post.

Game of wits illustration (another)

General / 13 April 2018

Another panel from my storyboard that I painted in Photoshop. Finished. I guess that makes it an illustration now. There is still a lot of work on this ahead of me but I am totally looking forward to have it finished and see the final results in the end product - a music video.

RPG character sketch

General / 08 April 2018

The next one in the row of the pen and paper role playing game characters is this guy here. It is a battle monk from the future. The color scheme is aleady decided, but if you had the choice: Wich color version do you like the best? Or would you rather give him completely different colors?

My newest character design

General / 30 March 2018

Already working on the next, wich is going to be a futuristic battle monk, so stay tuned. This is a sword saint.  I wanted to add something extra, but looks like I've oversaved all the process and sketch part. Oops... Visit my portfolio too, ok?

Uploaded new artwork

General / 22 March 2018

Check out my portfolio for higher res and some info and stuff. He is one of the characters for the JAGS roleplaying game, wich is a pen and paper rpg system. More to come…

Character Design Sketches

General / 14 March 2018
These character designs are for a pen and paper rpg called JAGS. It's sci-fi so I am much in my comfort zone.
Currently I enjoy bringing some life into my YouTube channel, I try with a little bit of vlogging as I figured it's fun to do, if kept simple enough to edit. There are timelapses too but only few tutorials to come, that will not be my main focus. Anyway I did a recording of how I made the color schemes for this character (see below) and when the time comes I am going to cut and upload it as well.
For anybody interested, my channel is here.