Personal Project - Even More Sketches #5

General / 26 October 2020

Haven't updated the blog in too long, but here it finally comes. I kept working on my design for Hilda, I decided that probably the pineapple hairstyle is the best regarding silhouette, her personality and I even came up with a fun way to integrate it in the story. But no spoilers!

Talking about the outfit, oh my... I do like the overall version with the belt a lot ("Rambo 2.0") but I also quite like the designs "yeehaw" and "eye for an eye".


So I played with "yeehaw" and "eye for an eye" a little more. But damn... so hard to make a decision, can I just have several outfits for her? Maybe out of all these number 4 looks the most complete and she wouldn't be freezing like with the "yeehaw" outfit, because most of the time the environment is not going to be in a hot climate.

Or maybe if I mixed those outfits from the first image (which I didn't put numbers or names on, that one) with some elements from number 4?
Opinions are very welcome!

I dreamed some crazy stuff

General / 03 August 2020

It was very sci-fi and also pretty vivid, even though I forgot some things by now. It started as a nice dream, I appreciated the icy landscape and it was like a movie. Not going into detail because I want to use some of that in my project (hehehe), it was too interesting to not do that. But I can say that it turned from a good dream into a nightmare. That was less nice.
Bute whatever, I felt very inspired to put it on canvas.
For the first time in a long time I used photoshop and no outlines. I am tempted to try this image with outlines in a different approach.

Still trying to fill that sketchbook

General / 06 July 2020

Sketches that could also be called explorations of places for my personal project. Soon I want to take some of the environmental sketches that I did and explore them further on the digital canvas.

I also made a tiny one which is not in my sketchbook but on a seperate piece of paper. I did that to cover up a mistake I did in my journal. I am using it for daily things, to-do's, lists and similar stuff as well as keeping track of my habits and health. With this month though I came up with a more art-focussed layout to help me keep track of my projects too.

Then I also finally used some color on one of my sketches. Different types of colored watercolor pencils came to action. It was a nice practice...

The following and last drawing is one of those I'd really like to work more with and take further. Soon, soon...


Character sketches

General / 19 June 2020

This time I drew characters into the sketchbook. Right now I don't dare to draw on the back of the pages because I am still using water, the brushpen is also bleeding through a little bit so I don't want to risk it. I wonder... did I ever have one of those Moleskine sketchbooks? I did have one as a notebook only I think. I had Leuchtturm though and cheap stuff. Like really cheap. 

Anyway, here come my drawings...

First one is not entirely finished. It is, but it isn't. I was going to add another character and put a hint of background but I'm gonna turn it into a new drawing and make it... well, more finished.

The second one is a character from my personal project which - as I said in the last entry - I also want to put more time into again. I want to talk about it a little more too, another time. But probably not next time because currently I am working on a storyboard for a comic which I also want to talk about. Probably next time. Turnips. Just sayin...

To anyone who reads this I'd like to ask: what sketchbook are you using or which one do you recommend? Or do you not keep a traditional sketchbook at all?

Filling that sketchbook

General / 15 June 2020

Slowly. But as long as I keep it steadily I'm fine with that. As I said in the last post I wanted to use that watercolor pencil more again, so I did that in the second sketch below. But afterwards I thought maybe I should put the actually colored watercolor pencils to action next time! I do have those as well.

I think I'll do that tomorrow, though I don't want it to become too colorful. It's already late so I'm keeping this blog post short and will see about what I'm going to draw in the morning.

By the way I also posted both of those drawings to my Instagram account. Missed to do a sketch on Saturday though. 



Daily sketches

General / 12 June 2020 what I am trying to do now. I used to do so many sketches when ever I could, carrying a sketchbook around where ever I went. When and why did that stop? I want that back. So I am trying to do at least one drawing per day that is not work related. Personal project allowed though.
I just started yesterday with that but to fill up this blog post a little more I'm also gonna put in something I did short before I took that decision.

These two (well... three actually) are from the beginning of this month. I referenced from an ugly place I took pictures at because I fancied the industrial and/or kind of dirty look.

Then on Wednesday I decided to make a sketch a day. I put it as a task into my journal every morning and set a reminder on the phone. That should help! Started on Thursday (yesterday).

First one is Peter Pan from Once Upon A Time, which I am watching right now. I don't particularly love the series nor is Peter my favourite character. But his face is interesting to me. I might borrow some of his features for some character design in the future, even if by then it might not even be consciously anymore. 

For this one I used a callipgraphy pen for the blacks (which is running out of ink as you may have noticed) and Tombow brushpens for the ochre, light grey and ligh pink. For the linework I used the same pen as in the other sketches. Which is also from Tombow, but thin.

This one (below) is from the movie A Little Chaos with Alan Rickman and also directed by him. He is my favourite actor but I didn't know that movie. Him as the king with that funny wig and his all so often very unimpressed face is what I couldn't resist to draw. Also for this one the thin Tombow brushpen and since the fat calligraphy pen is dying I used a black watercolor pencil (and water obvioulsy) this time. I might do that again, I actually enjoyed the possibilities it gave me to blend a bit more.

The sketchbook I am using is a present from my girlfriend, I am trying to be careful as the pages start losening a bit. The paper is not that thick but it took the little bit of water(color) well, so I think it's fine to do more with it.
This sketchbook is not even filled to the half. I'm always trying to draw on the back of the pages too if the pens don't bleed into the paper too much.

But when this one is full there is a bigger one waiting for me, also a present from her. I think she wants me drawing and so do I...

Getting distracted

General / 10 June 2020

Actually I was gonna work on the storyboard for the next comic project, which is a collaboration. A writer and four comic artists including me. But more about that another time. Because somehow I ended up doing something different, related to my personal project which I haven't worked on in forever. I'm missing it and craving to keep going with it. I have new plans for the direction of my project for a while and I am really, really looking forward to do those changes and adjustment neccessary.

The drawing that I made instead of what I was "supposed to do" is one of the random places in my story's universe. There are several of those places with improvised houses. More or less, some look less improvised than others.

I did this in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, like most of my other pieces lately. I quite enjoy the software, especially the drawing brushes and the copic palette.

How do you guys manage to balance paid work and personal projects?


Comic sneak peek & release info

General / 25 May 2020

Finally it’s done. One would think a short comic that can be read so quickly would also not take long to create. Wrong.
Well, I admit I went back and forth at some point to do corrections and adjustments where I thought they were needed until I was finally satisfied. I am very happy with the result. So today let me introduce you to the comic briefly. I’ll also share some snippets for you to get a sense of what it looks like.

Facts & Release

This comic has 8 pages and I count it to my Skymir series. However it is not directly related to any of my previous stories. It only takes place in the same universe.
It was supposed to be part of the next U-Comix magazine but something got in the way. That something is called Covid-19. The apocalypse happened and the main selling spots for the magazine became pretty much unavailable. So it was decided that instead of the magazine there is (or are?) going to be an online issue namely “Corona-Comic-CARE-Paket”.
I thought that’s a nice idea and finished my work to have it published for that cause instead. Maybe I’ll get another comic printed with their next physical issue

The Corona-Comic-CARE-Package should be released online any time soon, supposedly in the beginning of June. I’ll keep you updated here.

This was all talking about the German version of the comic. I will soon translate it into English, work on a cover illustration and publish it on the Artstation Marketplace. About that I will keep you updated too, of course and let you know when it’s out and ready.

Now, let’s get to the part where I show you some pictures!
Those of you who follow me on Instagram probably saw some of these. In another entry I already talked about the characters and shown you their concept designs. By now they both have names (fanfares!).

This is Valdis, she works for the Dellingur military on a cargo ship.

This is Isa, somehow she is on the same ship. But why?

And here is the ship.

I hope you enjoyed this little preview of my comic. Stay tuned for updates, and keep safe and healthy everyone!

When I started doing pixel art

General / 18 April 2020

Once upon a time I did pixel art. I started doing it again and that’s what made me want to write today’s entry.
Unfortunately I don’t have prove in form of my ancient pixel art but I do have my memory to tell you about it.

Once upon a time when it wasn’t standard for everyone to have their own home computer, I was one of those people. As a child and up to my teens I didn’t have a PC. One of my friends had one which actually belonged to her dad. But she was allowed a half hour per day. And sometimes me and one or two other friends would come over to her place and use the internet together to collect stuff about our favourite games.

At that time I did have a computer but no internet and I brought my own floppy disks to safe what I found. And mostly I was collecting cute animated gifs of my favourite characters.

I got my first own PC assembled by my mom’s boyfriend at that time. It wasn’t really because he was such a nice guy who wanted to do me a favor. I am pretty sure he just didn’t want me to constantly occupy his PC. I had discovered MS paint and learned how to do some pixel art there on my own. Later on I tried doing digital paintings with MS paint and just the mouse. I was pretty proud of them at that time.

Why I started doing pixel art again

For fun, to be honest. I find it pretty relaxing and I love the limitations it comes with. I do art often and though I do really enjoy it, paid or not, I don’t just draw what ever I want as I used to when I was a kid. Back then I just drew what ever I felt like and it just came to me. Now I always have project or specific goal in mind that I am working towards, even for my personal projects.

Through retro games I sort of came back to try pixel art last year. Not intensely, just sometimes I did something here and there. And I am doing it on a hobby level, I am not planning to get anywhere with it career-wise.

Through retro games I sort of came back to try pixel art last year. Not intensely, just sometimes I did something here and there. And I am doing it on a hobby level, I am not planning to get anywhere with it career-wise.

I am pretty excited to have started doing some more this week, together with my girlfriend. I am happy that we can share that now.

March Of Robots: The End

General / 13 April 2020
March Of Robots: Time

The end already. The last robot that I drew for the challenge, which you can see above, is very representative again.

Yep, I got so far behind that I gave up. There were already many things on my plate, in my work- and personal life. I didn’t seem to be able to keep up with my own schedules and I had to give those other things priority.

Project updates

It is a pity that it didnt work out for me this year with the March Of Robots, which was supposed to be the first time for me to participate. But its okay. Things needed to be done and I can now fully focus on my projects again. I didnt even find time for my personal project Skymir lately, but I will get back to it eventually. I am looking forward to get my new ideas for it out there and to have Hilda, Yngvild and Bjolan go adventuring again.

It will be new, it will be different, but Im sure its gonna be pretty cool Once I have the short story for Ucomix finished I should be able to make some free time to work on Skymir on the side again. And the short comic was supposed to be finished by the end of this month. I am hoping to get it done this week, if nothing unexpected keeps me away from it.