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General / 02 October 2021

Here is to more art testing! This is not really the style that the comic is going to have, but I'll share a preview soon.
This kind of scene is not gonna come up any time soon I suppose, but I can pass the time until then with sexy art like this one. You can find the uncesonred version in my Portfolio.

I admit I do have fun with drawing some erotic themes. I'm always debating wether or not I should do more of it. What is in the way of it - apart from the time I have to make for it - is that it does feel a bit "lost" sometimes. As in, where can I post this kind of stuff and where can I leave it uncensored as well. Where is the audience for this? And I'm talking erotic, not pornographic... I guess I can post it here though 🙂
We'll see, maybe I'll do more!