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Welcome, 2022

General / 03 January 2022

I wish all you artists and art lovers out there a wonderful new year! I hope mine is gonna be too, I have plans on growing and learning, making experiences and also expecting big changes in my personal life coming :)
However, I haven't drawn yet this new year! So what you see here is how I ended 2021. I did some more traditional paintings, more specifically portraits. These are all tiny sketches or sorts in my art diary. I never really liked working on big paper or canvases, but I also don't need too most of the time. Maybe it is because I was drawing most of my life, not painting. And often in small sketchbooks that I took everywhere with me.
These first two are done with acrylic paint, the last one is a hard brushpen on wrapping paper. The first one is my original character, the other two had reference from Pinterest.