Getting distracted

General / 10 June 2020

Actually I was gonna work on the storyboard for the next comic project, which is a collaboration. A writer and four comic artists including me. But more about that another time. Because somehow I ended up doing something different, related to my personal project which I haven't worked on in forever. I'm missing it and craving to keep going with it. I have new plans for the direction of my project for a while and I am really, really looking forward to do those changes and adjustment neccessary.

The drawing that I made instead of what I was "supposed to do" is one of the random places in my story's universe. There are several of those places with improvised houses. More or less, some look less improvised than others.

I did this in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, like most of my other pieces lately. I quite enjoy the software, especially the drawing brushes and the copic palette.

How do you guys manage to balance paid work and personal projects?