Making Photoshop brushes #1

Making Of / 26 January 2021

Just like that... 👇

No, not really like that. But I've started making those brushes and I started by collecting some shapes, structures and patterns. Because I figured that this art journal that I've started - and I wrote a blog entry about my art journal too - is an awesome resource for that. I have continued drawing and exploring almost daily and noticed some stuff that I can perfectly use for a new brush set!
I did make some brushes in the past, mostly re-using brushes I've found online. I'm not gonna go into how exactly they are made, there are plenty of free tutorials about that and this isn't supposed to be a tutorial. It's just about sharing my process 😌
I did make that one aquarelle brushset for Photoshop completely from scratch before though and noticed that some people downloaded it so why not make more? 😀

I'm trying to do something a little more grungy this time. I have so much material, might even make two sets.

With the photos I took from my own work I'm currently making some brush tips and said patterns and textures to apply to them. There are still several left to do. You can see some of the stuff I'm gonna use below 👇