General / 02 June 2022

Currently I am trying to get back into posting to my social media accounts more often. By that I mean my blog and apart from that I am using Instagram and Twitter too, a little bit. So, I just posted the image that I wrote yesterday´s blog post about to Instagram and in the process I noticed, that you can hide the likes/views for a particular post. I really don´t get much attention out of Instagram anyway, but just out of curiosity I am trying that now. I wonder, if it´s gonna make any difference... 🤔

I wish there was an art community where artists actually interact with each other more, like back in the day when CGHub existed. Instagram is definitely not that platform, I wish ArtStation was but it´s also not quite - at least for me it hasn´t turned out to be, but I love many other things about it. Well and you know Twitter...how about Reddit? 🤔 Deviant Art??? 🧐

The painting above is another one that I made in Clip Studio Paint. Blocky brushes! ❤️🙌