Personal Project #1 - Character Concept sketches

Making Of / 07 August 2020

Since I was gonna do some changes to my personal project - which I was going to work on more often again -, I'm starting with one of the most important designs.
One of the factions in my story and world that I am building is specially important because it's going to play a major role, not only because the two main characters are part of said faction. It is a well equipped military faction with a fleet of airships. The terrain they are in is mostly tundra and highlands. I'm trying to come up with a cool looking but also functional and customizable outfit for the regular soldier. There are subclasses and specialists too. That is why I want the outfit to be customizable. I want to be able to take the same outfit and still make it different for each role neccessary, according to rank and/or their speciality by adding or removing parts or accessoires. There could be short jackets, coats and overalls but it has to match with one another.

I started doing some sketches this week. To be honest I find overalls really cool and since I'm my own art director here, chances are I'm gonna put an overall on one of the main characters.

I have more design sketches but these are my favourites so far. I'm gonna put them in my portfolio when I gathered enough and made a decision...