Sketchbook time

General / 23 November 2020

For a change today's blog entry is not about concepts for my personal project. It is about sketches!
I've been craving to do sketching just for exploration since a while now and finally managed to come up with a schedule that includes an hour of sketchbook time per day :-)
I'm really happy about this and having a lot of fun when doing them. Currently I have two missions with this.

Mission 1
Finding the way and materials that work the best for me when colouring my linework

Mission 1
Filling that sketchbook until the end of this year (not that many pages left, should be manageable)

Water colour pencils Derwent Inktense. I do like those but they are called "inktense" for a reason. Note to self: The pencil colours are really flashy and I gotta be careful when using them and especially how and on what kind of drawing I am using them.

That one is with coloured ink for all those yellow(-ish) parts. I just didn't have a suitable blue anymore so for that I used the watercolour pencils again. I like the ink a lot, always did. But I didn't use them in a while and some of them dried out over the years. So that is one explanation for why I didn't have a well matching blue. In case anyone is curious: I have some Winsor & Newton and some Ecoline inks. The ones here in particular were by Ecoline.

Here I used coloured ink again for almost everything. Except for the green because all three green tones that I have are way too bright and shiny and/or cold for this very warm toned sketch. So for the green I used a brush pen. In the end I went in with colored pencils just slightly to make at least a little bit of atmospheric perspective.

On some of these I used colored ink and two of the coloures are watered down because I tried to safe what had dried by putting some warm water in. The two are dark red and blue. For the blue that kind of worked but the dark red is neither dark nor really red (see bottom left). The rest is done in either non-watery ink or brush pen.

What are your favourite colouring techniques in traditional media?