Personal Project #3 - More Character Concept Sketches

Making Of / 25 September 2020

I continued working on the character concepts for my personal project and it's finally getting somewhere. I am happy. While in my first blog entry from two months ago things were not quite settled yet and in the second entry from one month ago when I had chosen some favourite designs for the characters clothes, in this third entry things are starting to take shape.

The idea is that there are three base outfits that can be tweaked with armor and geared up or personalized to a degree. There's gotta be a two-part outfit with pants and jacket, a one-piece (overall) and another two piece consisting of pants and coat.
After I decided for a direction (set one to five) I'll continue playing around with that set. Maybe adjusting some details, changing some parts and eventually try out some colors.

So I got to the part where I have three base outfits. The one with the jacket, the one with the coat and the one piece version. It was already decided from the start that Yngvild is gonna have the coat, because the coats are reserved the higher ranks like her.
Regarding Hilda I wasn't sure if I was gonna give her the overall or the jacket outfit. But I'm probably gonna go with the jacket and pants.

I also tried some variations with different tops she could wear or even the same jacket but with the sleeves cut off. After all I think that doesn't work too well and decided to have Hilda have other kinds of customizations to her still-intact jacket. Also I am still not sure what she is going to wear underneath it. I am thinking a simple T-Shirt, a shirt with a print on it (would be a bit of a hassle to actually draw every time in the future comics), or maybe a pattern as that would be easier to draw repeatedly, a simple tank top or long sleeves.
For Yngvild I think that a black turtle-neck would look good and matches her personality. With Hilda I can go a little more wild and I should (maybe more). 

A big big question though is which hair style is she gonna rock?