A field with cows and a broken spaceship

Making Of / 19 August 2022

I did a new painting that is very much inspired by my cycling tours. I often take pictures while I'm out, even if I have already seen this same old route a lot. There are always new views because of different light or different clouds, sometimes I see animals that I don't see normally and stuff like that.
So this looks something like the landscape I am cycling through around where I live. Except for the spaceship 😔
Here are a few photos that I took...

I find being outdoors very rewarding and inspiring, it gets my head free. So I felt like integrating it into my work. Actually maybe I could do a little series of paintings from my bicycle tours 🧐
I want to upgrade and improve my cycling game so that I can go further for more adventures!
Okay, enough about my little sporty hobby and back to the piece. I've recorded a timelapse video! Check it out to see the making of 🙂

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