How I use my new sketchbook differently

General / 05 January 2021

So much ready, very ready. I started my new sketchbook with a different approach. I was looking forward to this since December when I finished filling up my previous sketchbook. I decided that this time I would do it differently.

So far I was using my sketchbooks to get down some ideas, do some studies and sometimes I would write some notes. I used it in a very practical way and that's it.
No more, I say. Nope. Let me explain...

I am a fan of journaling for mental health, keeping track and having things organized, I started doing that a few years ago.
Now I discovered art journaling. From what I saw other people doing the idea is journaling in a more creative and visual way, it still has a lot of text in the samples that I saw (well, compared to a sketchbook I guess) and one doesn't need to be an artist at all to do so. It's more like an outlet and visualizing what is on your mind in a more subconcious way, it's more about feelings than about techique or getting something awesome done.

I do want and need my sketchbook but over the years I found myself loosing the aspect in art in which I would just draw what ever I want, how ever I want, just for the sake of doing it. Without a particular goal in mind but instead just giving myself space and freedom.
So I decided to do something that is in between a sketchbook and a journal. I'm not using many words in it, it's a place for drawing. But I started gluing pieces of (news)paper and postcards and stuff that I found in. I often get ideas or inspiration from there and start drawing on top of that.
I'm also trying to use it every day and see it as a diary where I put my thoughts into.

So far I gotta say that I'm really enjoying this journey. It gives me a similar feeling to what I had when I was a child, not worrying what I'm drawing, why, because it was only for myself.