Comic Character Illustration #1

Making Of / 17 August 2020

Since last week was mostly dedicated to my personal project, this week I'm going back to working on the comic project. I want to try around with the character a bit and since the weapon reference sheet requested "cool pose for cover" I thought I'd give it a try. Even though to my knowledge it's not me who's gonna do the cover. Who is actually??
Also it's been terribly hot (especially for north German standards) lately and working on the big Wacom tablet was not helping. It's getting extra hot that way.
That is pretty much the main reason why I switched to the iPad more often again recently.
So also the character illustration of Flint (one of the protagonists) is going to happen on the iPad in Procreate.
Instead of an image this time I have a little process video. It's only about a minute long and shows the sped up process of me soing a basic sketch.
To be continued with another video (if I don't forget, haha...).