Comic Character Illustration #2

Making Of / 21 August 2020

As I promised in my last blog entry today comes part two of the character drawing process video. Again it's a timelapse. In case you haven't read the previous post, this is a character called Flint for a comic project that I am currently working on. It's done on the iPad in Procreate.
I've been quite enjoying this one actually and by now I moved on to the second main character named Mortimer.

I am almost done so I hope that by Monday I can put the third part of the drawing process (adding Mortimer) to the blog as well.
If the pants didn't already give it away: it's a story taking place in the 70's. I am still considering adding some details in the end. I don't know, like flowers on the shirt or some accessoires. So I don't entirely consider this finished yet.