Personal Project #5 - You Guessed It, Even More Sketches

General / 26 October 2020

Haven't updated the blog in too long, but here it finally comes. I kept working on my design for Hilda, I decided that probably the pineapple hairstyle is the best regarding silhouette, her personality and I even came up with a fun way to integrate it in the story. But no spoilers!

Talking about the outfit, oh my... I do like the overall version with the belt a lot ("Rambo 2.0") but I also quite like the designs "yeehaw" and "eye for an eye".


So I played with "yeehaw" and "eye for an eye" a little more. But damn... so hard to make a decision, can I just have several outfits for her? Maybe out of all these number 4 looks the most complete and she wouldn't be freezing like with the "yeehaw" outfit, because most of the time the environment is not going to be in a hot climate.

Or maybe if I mixed those outfits from the first image (which I didn't put numbers or names on, that one) with some elements from number 4?
Opinions are very welcome!