Grand Space Opera: Light Age #5 - IT'S FINALIZED!

General / 21 December 2020

I made it, I'm so happy! :D
Three hours before the end I finalized my submission. I promised myself that after this I'll take some time off. Doesn't mean I won't draw though, haha... But I can take things slow from now.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge and I am really happy I was able to participate. Alongside so many incredible artists, I found more people to follow 😛

Check my final submission and if you I'd be happy to hear what you think and which design is your favourite :D

For my time off I also want to  work on or think about some other plans that I have, regarding work in general, my personal project and my Instagram account. I'm going to start a new sketchbook within the coming days or weeks, which I am really excited about too. I have a vision 🧐 So do I for my Instagram account. We'll see. For now I'm signing out (okay, not really) and take a little break ☺️