How I use my new sketchbook differently

General / 05 January 2021

So much ready, very ready. I started my new sketchbook with a different approach. I was looking forward to this since December when I finished filling up my previous sketchbook. I decided that this time I would do it differently.

So far I was using my sketchbooks to get down some ideas, do some studies and sometimes I would write some notes. I used it in a very practical way and that's it.
No more, I say. Nope. Let me explain...

I am a fan of journaling for mental health, keeping track and having things organized, I started doing that a few years ago.
Now I discovered art journaling. From what I saw other people doing the idea is journaling in a more creative and visual way, it still has a lot of text in the samples that I saw (well, compared to a sketchbook I guess) and one doesn't need to be an artist at all to do so. It's more like an outlet and visualizing what is on your mind in a more subconcious way, it's more about feelings than about techique or getting something awesome done.

I do want and need my sketchbook but over the years I found myself loosing the aspect in art in which I would just draw what ever I want, how ever I want, just for the sake of doing it. Without a particular goal in mind but instead just giving myself space and freedom.
So I decided to do something that is in between a sketchbook and a journal. I'm not using many words in it, it's a place for drawing. But I started gluing pieces of (news)paper and postcards and stuff that I found in. I often get ideas or inspiration from there and start drawing on top of that.
I'm also trying to use it every day and see it as a diary where I put my thoughts into.

So far I gotta say that I'm really enjoying this journey. It gives me a similar feeling to what I had when I was a child, not worrying what I'm drawing, why, because it was only for myself.

Grand Space Opera: Light Age #5 - IT'S FINALIZED!

General / 21 December 2020

I made it, I'm so happy! :D
Three hours before the end I finalized my submission. I promised myself that after this I'll take some time off. Doesn't mean I won't draw though, haha... But I can take things slow from now.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge and I am really happy I was able to participate. Alongside so many incredible artists, I found more people to follow 😛

Check my final submission and if you I'd be happy to hear what you think and which design is your favourite :D

For my time off I also want to  work on or think about some other plans that I have, regarding work in general, my personal project and my Instagram account. I'm going to start a new sketchbook within the coming days or weeks, which I am really excited about too. I have a vision 🧐 So do I for my Instagram account. We'll see. For now I'm signing out (okay, not really) and take a little break ☺️

Grand Space Opera: Light Age #4

General / 14 December 2020

And here's my next entry! Yay! Just this time I have only this one character to show, because there was a weekend and I actually managed to take the Sunday completely off of everything!
That was so nice, I spent it exploring the cemetery near my home, playing PlayStation and watching a movie in the evening with my beloved.
As for the cemetery, I moved into this area this spring and haven't visited the graveyard yet. I really wanted to go though and when I had time the weather happened to be perfect for this kind of trip. Grey and super foggy!


Grand Space Opera: Light Age #3

Work In Progress / 11 December 2020

Here are my next concepts for the Grand Space Opera challenge!
I made an angry meanie and those cute little blob aliens.

Since I told you last time what I was listening to, I'll tell you again. It was more game soundtracks and some of those old bands I was into when I was younger. Fun times.
And by those old bands I mean Japanese rock or Visual Kei! Guess what, I still like it. Makes me a bit sentimental maybe though. That's why I gotta spread love with those happy together blob aliens.
I'm so gonna recycle the unused ideas for my personal project.

Again, for more see my submission progress!


Grand Space Opera: Light Age #2

Work In Progress / 07 December 2020

After water dude and desert chick, I introduce the turnip merchant and the alien dinosaur unicorn. I had lots of fun with both of these! I almost never do creature design, I wonder why, I quite like it :)

While working on these I like listening to the soundtracks of my favourite games.
I'm unsure about how to "finalize" my submission. There is this spooky button that says "finalize submission" and I want to know what happens when I click on it, mainly because I have no idea how submitting my final designs works. But I don't dare to click it.
Anybody enlighten me please?

See my submission progress



Grand Space Opera: Light Age #1

Tutorial / 05 December 2020

As promised today's blog post is about the current Artstation challenge Grand Space Opera: Light Age! 
I've been wanting to join the challenges since a while but somehow always missed it. But this time - even though I still came a little late - I'm participating. And I am so excited because it's SciFi stuff and I love SciFi stuff! I get to design Alien characters, actually I think I never did that before. Unbelievable and seemingly impossible, I know. But there is a first time for everything, right?

So I took some notes first, those are secret though. I am not posting them to my submission progress page. But I might add descriptions to the final character sheets. I'm meaning to say that there is a little theme to each character. So far I made two...

Let me know what you think and if you're in the challenge as well, feel free to share your submission page in the comments :)

That storyboard

General / 01 December 2020

First off: I'm so excited about finally participating in an Artstation challenge! Specially excited because it's spacey and Sparth is amongst the judges! I had to! :D
If you wanna see what I'm doing and be up to date with it, you can always check my submission progress. Because right now what I was gonna share is some of my storyboard pages. Only a few, don't wanna reveal too much. But I'm actually done with it. 

Storyboard pages

The comic is called "Flint & Mortimer", it's not my story and not my characters either. And if you haven't seen them yet, feel free to take a look at my character concepts I did for this project :)

Next post is gonna be about the challenge, I promise!

Sketchbook time

General / 23 November 2020

For a change today's blog entry is not about concepts for my personal project. It is about sketches!
I've been craving to do sketching just for exploration since a while now and finally managed to come up with a schedule that includes an hour of sketchbook time per day :-)
I'm really happy about this and having a lot of fun when doing them. Currently I have two missions with this.

Mission 1
Finding the way and materials that work the best for me when colouring my linework

Mission 1
Filling that sketchbook until the end of this year (not that many pages left, should be manageable)

Water colour pencils Derwent Inktense. I do like those but they are called "inktense" for a reason. Note to self: The pencil colours are really flashy and I gotta be careful when using them and especially how and on what kind of drawing I am using them.

That one is with coloured ink for all those yellow(-ish) parts. I just didn't have a suitable blue anymore so for that I used the watercolour pencils again. I like the ink a lot, always did. But I didn't use them in a while and some of them dried out over the years. So that is one explanation for why I didn't have a well matching blue. In case anyone is curious: I have some Winsor & Newton and some Ecoline inks. The ones here in particular were by Ecoline.

Here I used coloured ink again for almost everything. Except for the green because all three green tones that I have are way too bright and shiny and/or cold for this very warm toned sketch. So for the green I used a brush pen. In the end I went in with colored pencils just slightly to make at least a little bit of atmospheric perspective.

On some of these I used colored ink and two of the coloures are watered down because I tried to safe what had dried by putting some warm water in. The two are dark red and blue. For the blue that kind of worked but the dark red is neither dark nor really red (see bottom left). The rest is done in either non-watery ink or brush pen.

What are your favourite colouring techniques in traditional media?

Personal Project #7 - Final Character Design Of Yngvi

Making Of / 20 November 2020

She has a final form too. But wait... I think the unfinished form never made it online. 

Actually though, there wasn't that much process prior to this character illustration. Mainly because I had already settled on the basic faction colors and outfits and did almost all the experimenting on Hilda.
Although originally I had planned to give Yngvild the coat and then in the process descided against it. You can see the coat-version on the concept sheet I uploaded into my portfolio. 

Yngvild is higher rank than Hilda, she's the commander and I chose presenting her in her formal outfit because I think it supports her personality well and shows that hierarchy better.

Now I'm really excited to move on with the project! There are tons of things I want to do regarding the world building but I also really want to finally start with some comic pages! I'll also rename the project, so see "Skymir" as a title-draft.

I've been planning to get the storyboard for Flint & Mortimer (not my story or characters) out of the way within the following two weeks (ideally within one) and will come up with a more structured plan regarding my personal project. I have to sort all of these ideas of what I want to do sorted in order to start and make progress without getting lost in the world building. Yep, there is always that danger. But if you're aware of it you can control it!

Personal Project #6 - Final Character Design Of Hilda

Making Of / 30 October 2020

It's Hilda in her final form! I'm finally done with it and happy. Well, I haven't put that character sheet together yet but that's what follows and then I can move on to that Yngvild design. Because she too could use a makeover and I am looking forward to it so much. Also storyboard-wise I've been productive and overall I was reall "in the flow" this week.
Tomorrow I'll take a break from everything, maybe Sunday too but that's not for sure yet. I'm very tempted to just move on. But on the other hand it's nice to have a full weekend when you can, right?

Anyway, I've done all the sketches you've seen of Hilda so far (#1- #5) in Autodesk Sketchbook and this one started the same way. However I then took it to Photoshop for coloring and all. To be honest that was mainly because I wanted to try some brushes :P
I had so much fun with this one, felt completely in the zone :D

When are you - or what makes you - be "the zone"? Do you notice any pattern?