General / 04 November 2021

This is the first ship that you'll see in my comic. And for consistency and to make my life a little easier, I did this 3D model of it. I kept it simple, I guess, but I am pretty happy with it. Yngvild and Hilda will eventually get a new one on which's design I haven't decided yet. This approach of 3D modelling for my comic is actually pretty good because it does benefit the comic as well as my 3D skills (since I am still learning). I think regarding 3D this is sort of my style now 😉

I need a gun

Work In Progress / 01 November 2021

...for the comic. In 3D. Well, no miracle happened and I had to make it myself 😛
I'm currently making some cheat sheets of the characters but for objects I like to use 3D models that I made in Blender. That way I have it easier and faster in the drawing process later on. Even though right now it is time consuming of course. But I'll thank myself later.

So I sketched this out quickly:

And for my standards this was quick too! 

That's the result, I'll still paint it though.

More Art Tests (Comic)

General / 29 October 2021
There are so many things to try in Clip Studio Paint, especially when you're new to it. Much to discover so I was very curious to try all those brushes and other options. But especially brushes. Still trying to find "the one" that feels like what I use for drawing on paper I guess. Which is not entirely possible, of course. I ended up choosing lines like in the second image, even though in some panels I'm going for thinner lines. Because as you can imagine details get lost easily with a fat brush. I might still change things around and I expect the comic to evolve as I draw, including the style. I want it to just flow...

Little starship in 3D

General / 28 October 2021

I'm still practicing with Blender, trying to improve my 3D modelling skills! And what a good opportunity! I'm just doing some stuff for my comic, hah! That way I can alway use and re-use it in any panel. And since it's a SciFi story: of course there are going to be spaceships!

This one? I really didn't have a plan for it, I didn't do a sketch or a concept for this one, this just came out as I was playing around in Blender. The only thing I had in mind was that Hilda - one of the protagonists - probably loves spaceships too and maybe she likes to race around in them and then she'll eventually need a new one sooner or later. So why not make her an option, right? I quite like it, actually. Except, I should have chosen a better resolution for the texture painting. 

Oh well, next time I'll know better! Pew pew!

I started drawing my Webtoon comic!

Making Of / 27 October 2021
Finally I've started drawing the comic!
In the beginning I was struggling. First I struggled to even start! It's gonna be quite the project that I'm planning to work on over a long persiod of time. The story is a SciFi one, but not the kind of high SciFi that's super polished and with sleak designs and cool, flawless heroes. It's more fantasy in that sense but with Spaceships and other advanced technology. It's hard to compare to anything, really... this one is very personal to me. It's supposed to be a light-hearted story, even though it has some heavy topics underneath the surface. It's supposed to be fun, entertaining, easy to read and pleasant to look at. I'm trying to make a the story very flexible and it's going to continue until I one day want it to stop. But it has the potential to go on endlessly. So there is quite something ahead of me, which seemed a little intimidating to be honest.
But I now reached the point that it's flowing and fun instead of scary. I am excited and will show more soon!
Once I have some buffer I will start uploading it to Webtoons.com!

Hot stuff

General / 02 October 2021

Here is to more art testing! This is not really the style that the comic is going to have, but I'll share a preview soon.
This kind of scene is not gonna come up any time soon I suppose, but I can pass the time until then with sexy art like this one. You can find the uncesonred version in my Portfolio.

I admit I do have fun with drawing some erotic themes. I'm always debating wether or not I should do more of it. What is in the way of it - apart from the time I have to make for it - is that it does feel a bit "lost" sometimes. As in, where can I post this kind of stuff and where can I leave it uncensored as well. Where is the audience for this? And I'm talking erotic, not pornographic... I guess I can post it here though 🙂
We'll see, maybe I'll do more!

Some style practices for that comic

General / 01 October 2021

Hey people!

So as I promised I did start the storyboard, even though super slowly. But that's not what this post is about. I've been a bit busy with other things but I'm gonna make some free time when ever I can for this comic project of mine ❤️

I tested some brushes to see what kind of line work I want to be doing in the web comic. You can see that art test below, but I also put it in my portfolio with a little extra.
I ended up with something else that resembles a brush pen. Because that is what i like to use in traditional media and I figured I wanted to have that exact feeling of me drawing in my art diary. Just fun and free as it should be 😌

Next up: storyboarding!

General / 22 August 2021

It's been a bit quiet here, I know. But I finally got some extra free time on my hands and gonna dedicate it to my personal project!
I bought Clip Studio Paint for that purpose, which I've been trying around with before (test version) and I wanna use it to do my webcomic. Yay! Looking forward to drawing it!
Also for test purposes I did some illustration just for fun, also for the comic project. I tried to work on it like I do in my art diary. Which is very free and I do everything on the fly without planning anything. That is indeed very fun and also relaxing :)
I'll attach that illustration and below that I'm gonna add some drawings from my art diary that are related! I pretty much used them as refernce.

Ready for my comic?

News / 17 May 2021

Hey everyone who comes to read my blog posts and sorry for the long silence. I've been working on things that I am not yet allowed to share and had little time for my comic project. And especially little to show of it too, because I've been tweaking on the plot.

But finally it's all coming together and I am ready to start drawing!
So far all my comics - including one of my latest short story comic - have been in traditional formats but this time I'm gonna do a little experiment and use Webtoon! Which is meant for phone screens, which makes it different. I also did quite some research on publishing there and feeling ready now!

At this point I'm not gonna say much about the story, but I put together a little teaser page :D

I made a spaceship in Blender

General / 23 March 2021

Hi everyone!

Oh, it's been a while since the last time I wrote a blog entry. Well, I began a journey of gaining some extra 3D experience points. I can do sculpting in ZBrush but I wanted to learn Blender in addition.
I've been trying around in it before already and really liked it for hard surface designs. Mostly I did some rough blocking for comic projects etc. only though and that is exactly what I wanted to change. 

I wanted to learn how to make proper models, so I watched a bunch of tutorials.
Eventually I want to try making a character too but for now I am very happy being able to build spaceships. Did I mention that I love spaceships? 😍

This one is the first good thing that I did with Blender and now I am looking into texture painting. Let's see if I can get something decent done!
How would you color/texture this?