March Of Robots 2020 #1

This year I’m finally doing it! I wanted to join the March Of Robots challenge since three years already I think but somehow I always managed to miss it. But not this year! Also let me predict that this is going to be a really good one for me.

So today is day three of the challenge and the prompt is “shocked”. But I haven’t done it yet.
What I did do though are day one and two, I did them both on the iPad Pro in Procreate.

Above is my entry for “chunky”. I tried to make it a quick one by not investing too much time into shading and different colors and such. It is based on some machine part that I found online. This is actually a thing I like to do. I look up machine parts and make them into something else.

This second robot is for day two “danger”. So this one can tape and spread panic. But it mostly does the latter. I really had fun with this one, I’m starting to get the hang of it. And I got the feeling that all of my robots are going to turn out cute…

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