Comic Character Concept Art

So currently I am working on comics again. The first that I am tending to at the moment because its deadline comes first is going to be a short story of eight pages.
It took me a while until I was satisfied with the characters. I was also playing around with style a little bit but most of the things went to trash. Today I’ll post here what I have left to show.

Above are the finished character designs. Their names will remain secret for now and the story needs to be named still. I’ll sure come up with something when I started with the actual comic pages and fleshing out the story. There are still some concept designs that need to be done, mainly a vehicle and a creature, but no spoilers.

This is basically the design I went with now. I wanted something practical and unisex looking for this one. In the story this character is a soldier on patrol, but inside.

For the second character I wanted a more oriental and feminine look. The hair is inspired by the 20’s hairstyles for women. I might change it a little bit in the comic, especially for when it has to move in motion or wind and stuff I might have to add some strains or something.

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